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100 Polyester DTY Yarn Raw White
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Product: Views:217100 Polyester DTY Yarn Raw White 
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Last updated: 2019-11-24 11:57

Draw Textured Yarn (DTY) yarn is obtained whenPolyester (POY) is simultaneously twisted & drawn. DTY yarn is mainly used in weaving & knitting offabrics for making clothes, home furnishings, bags etc.

Usage: DTY fiber is suitable for weaving ultra-high simulation, super-natural feel and style of fashion fabrics, decorative fabrics, widely used in the production of high-end men and women fashion, sportswear, home textiles, decorative fabrics.

Drawn Textured Yarn (DTY) is a type of polyester filament yarn produced by processing POY through atexturing process. This process disperses, curls and entangles the filaments composing the POY yarn, which gives DTY a fluffy appearance and gives it the properties of both natural and synthetic fiber.


Is polyamide and polyester the same?

Both, polyamide and polyester are polymers. This means that their fibers are made of a long chain, made of molecules linked to each other. In polyamides, these molecules are linked together by amide linkages (chemical bonds), while the molecules of polyesters are connected by ester linkages.

What is polyester supposed to feel like?

Poly-cotton has a slippery feel to it - the more polyester in it, the more slippery it will feel. Polyester will make you hot - it does not absorb moisture. It absorbs odors and will start to smell ‘unclean’ and this doesn't disappear with washing or hanging in the fresh air.

Is polyester comfortable to wear?

Since it is a synthetic fiber, polyester is less breathable than natural fabric, which means that there is less airflow through the fabric. This makes a polyester suit far warmer to wear than an all-wool suit. They also hold odors and are more rigid and less comfortable than their natural fiber counterparts.

How strong is polyester?

Polyester is a popular synthetic fabric. The Polyester fibers are known to be very strong and durable. Polyester is also known for its unique ability to keep its shape when creased.