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DTY Yarn 150
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Product: Views:216DTY Yarn 150 
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Last updated: 2019-10-21 20:48

DTY (Draw textured yarn): Network wire refers to the filament in the network nozzle, which is acted upon by the jet stream, and the filaments are entangled with each other to form a periodic network point. The network processing is mostly used for the processing of POY, FDY and DTY, and the low-elastic network wire manufactured by the combination of network technology and DTY technology, which has the fluffiness and good elasticity of the textured yarn, and has many periodicity and network points, which improves the filament. The tightness eliminates the need for several processes in textile processing and improves the ability of the tow to pass through the water jet loom.

DTY yarn is mainly used as a part of weaving and knitting of fabrics for making garments, homedecorations, seat covers, bags and numerous different things. DTY yarn can be in Semi Dull or Bright orTriloble Bright depending upon the kind of areas of filaments.

Draw Texturised Yarn is manufactured by texturising partially oriented yarn using texturisingmachines. Polyester DTY yarn is a continuous filament yarn that has been processed to introduce durablecrimps twists, interlaces, loops or other fine distortions along the lengths of the filament.


What is polyester filament?

Polyester filament yarn is a long chain or synthetic polymer composed of an ester ofa substituted aromatic carboxylic acid such as terephthalic acid. Polymer chips aremelted at 500-518 F (260-270 C) to form a syrup-like solution.

Is polyester UV resistant?

Polyester resin is UV resistant and does not need to be top coated to prevent yellowing or degradation from sunlight. Once cured, polyester resin is water permeable, meaning water can pass through it eventually. The bonding strength of polyester resin is generally less than 500 psi.

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